Optional Shed Features

You can select optional features for our custom-made sheds. The options pricing listed below should be added to the base shed price found on our pricing page.

To add optional shed features to your Nantucket Shed, contact any of our shed dealers located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, or contact us for more information on optional features for our custom-made sheds.

Optional Shed Features For Massachusetts*, Rhode Island, & Connecticut

Extra Doors Door Upgrades Ramps
3 ft. single $100 From 3 ft. single -- 3 ft. ramp $35
4 ft. double $150 4 ft. double $60 4 ft. ramp $48
6 ft. double $200 6 ft. double $100 6 ft. ramp $70
Other Optional Features
Extra window (includes flower box) $196
16" cupola (installed) $275
7 ft. walls $4.00 per square foot of floor
Wood deck for 12 x 20** $1,597
Concrete piers $135 per hole
* Additional charges apply for Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket residents.
** 2 x 6 PT Framing 16" on center with 3/4" CDX exterior grade plywood decking material
For a printable PDF version of this chart, click here.

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